Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bill Wasz's Death (Murder). "ABSOLUTELY" nothing "STILL" in the mainstream media about it. The question is why?

I know for a fact that Rocky Bateman and OJ Simpson "Cruised" around Los Angeles in the fall of 1993 and part of 1994 "Doing Business" and "Doing Cocaine." Is that OJ Simpson Really snorting Cocaine in the bathroom on this (Simpson's) Sex tape?

Bill Wasz claimed HE sold OJ Simpson Cocaine. You know what, Bill sold OJ Simpson Cocaine.

Why did Anthony Pellicano
in 1994, say that he "DIDN'T know Bill Wasz? According to David Bresnahan, Wasz was an enforcer for Don Simpson. Let's see? Don Simpson/Anthony Pellicano?

Yep = Bill Wasz. Anthony Pellicano was lying. Gee, Pellicano LIES? YOU KNOW HE DOES.

Pellicano denies a lot of "things." Like following Nicole Simpson? Well, the problem now for Pellicano, is that "Things" he has denied doing, are coming to the surface and proving him a LIAR...............................

Can we hope, especially me, that the Feds will release the information that they have regarding the connection with Anthony Pellicano/OJ Simpson and others? Is it Pandora's Box, the Bottomless Pit, The OJ Simpson Case, The Black Hole..............all wrapped into "ONE"?

UGH, the waiting.

Mario G. Nitrini 111