Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"HYPOCRITES," They make me "SICK," and "MORE."
On My "My Space"
I had been conversing via My Space "Mail Center" with a woman named J.J.
who, according to her, is involved in The Anthony Pellicano Case/Daniel Nicherie Case. Since May 25th, 2006, she has not replied to my last reply to her.
Now on My Space, there is a feature called Bulletin. I get J.J.'s Bulletins.
She also has a blog. This blog entry was HYPOCRITICAL by J.J. VERY HYPOCRITICAL:
"Nomi Fredrick's Opinions About The On-Going Pellicano Matter"
Ms J.J. says of Nomi Fredrick, who runs the websites Anthony Pellicano Web Links and Anthony Pellicano Web Links Blog, and I quote J.J. :
"Not to mention, I emailed Dr. Fredrick to inquire about her personal interest in this Pelliano matter. I also explained to her that apparentlyshe did not understand the parameters of the gag order. She never responded to my message.'

When J.J. first wrote to me, thinking I ran those websites, she told me to "stop snorting my obtuse opinions." That's the sort of questions she asks. Well, HOW HYPOCRITCAL of Ms. J.J. as of this new message of mine, I haven't heard a word from Ms. J.J. Since May 25th, 2006 to my last reply to her, and she accuses Fredrick of not responding to her. Hmmmmmmm?

And who does this Trashing of Nomi Fredrick by J.J. revolve around? The Illegal, Deceptive, Scumbag Los Angeles Times Staff Writer Chuck "The Duck" Philips.

More of J.J.'s Blog's:
The Hungarian Mafia? (view more)
Today's Discovery Hearing in U.S. vs. Anthony Pellicano (view more)
The Anthony Pellicano Case (view more)

And Who Ultimately are these blogs centering around? Scumbag Chuck "The Duck" Philips. Hmmmmmmm?

Now J.J. has said with words to the effect that she is working with this man, Jan Tucker:
on Daniel Nicherie's Case concerning Anthony Pellicano
Well, the prosecution of Daniel Nicherie is going to look like the Keystone Cops
bumping into ... the sub-headline read: PR Guru Jan Tucker wins friends, ...
http://janbtucker.com/USvsDanielNicherie.html - Cached

And this is on Mr. Tucker's website:
"exposure of the role of Ramparts Scandal tainted officers whose names have yet to surface publicly in reporting about the Pellicano case."
Now in my E-mail to Mr. Tucker, I give him Plenty of website's to check me out on. If Mr. Tucker would have checked me out, he couldn't miss my sayings about LAPD RHD Detective Ronald Y. Ito (Rampart, The OJ Simpson Case, and More) and, it should have gotton Mr. Tucker's attention, FOR SURE. Maybe it did, and.............?
Well, I E-mailed Jan Tucker:

Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 18:32:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Mario Nitrini III"
Subject: Mr Jan B. Tucker-----Pellicano Case, OJ Simpson Case, More
To: admin@janbtucker.com

I HAVEN'T Heard a Word from him. Not-a-Peep. Hmmmmmmmmmm?

In my email to Jan Tucker I quoted an anonymous source in civilian oversight of law enforcement in Los Angeles who've I've been corresponding with:

Source: "Mario, It is not meant to be proven about the Dynamite... it was just what was done to get the FBI control of the investigation and keep out the LAPD. Pellicano knows Ito and many others in LAPD."

"On the Fed's... yes you are right, lot's of dynamite... it was a complete set-up. Remember, whenever explosives are found or used in a crime, the FBI has jurisdiction. They had to do this to keep out the LAPD... Pellicano was untouchable, remember the Pellicano investigation started right in the heart of the LAPD Rampart development. Pellicano and another investigator you will hear more about soon, Scott Ross, had deep roots in towers of Parker Center."

Unreal. A complete set-up of Anthony Pellicano by The F.B.I?

WELL, why no response to me from Jan Tucker from the E-mail I sent him? Surely he would be interested in what I have to say, wouldn't he? UNLESS.........................?

According to Daniel Nicherie

This item:

"Interview With KABC
(view more)"

some of his story is going to be on KABC TV Los Angeles? OK.

But of Course, who does Daniel Nicherie bring up in another blog?

LA Times Article Today (view more)

You got it, Scumbag Chuck "The Duck" Philips. GOOD GRIEF!!!!!!!!

How much Contact did Scumbag Chuck "The Duck" Philips have with former Los Angeles District Attorney Gil Garcetti? and How much contact has Philips had with The Now Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley?

Now on April 30th, 2006, on The Illegal, LYING, Deceptive, COWARD Patterico's (AKA Patrick Frey) Blog
Patterico’s Pontifications » Hiltzik Suspension in the Media
Filed under: Dog Trainer, Hiltzik — Patterico @ 12:55 pm ... My name is Mario G.
Nitrini 111. I was Personally involved in The OJ Simpson case. ...
http://patterico.com/2006/04/30/4519/hiltzik-suspension-in-the-media/ - Cached

Los Angeles County Assistant District Attorney Patrick Frey "BANS" me from his website for telling the truth about a situation in The OJ Simpson Case, and YOU GOT IT, Scumbag Chuck "The Duck" Philips. Patrick Frey was so Eagerly fast to "BAN" me from his website for what he says were/was a "libelous allegation removed, commentor banned" >>>>>> what were the real reasons that Patrick Frey "BANNED" me from his website? Well, I posted on Mr Frey's website last year:

According to Mr Frey, he says "I am not interested at this time." Patrick Frey is a Los Angeles County Assistant District Attorney? and is not interested in Legal Justice for people that were involved in The OJ Simpson Case and other cases that revolve around the Simpson Case? THAT'S NOT RIGHT AT ALL............. So, is it MORE cover-up by The Los Angeles District Attorney's office concerning, Me, Rocky Bateman, Detective Ronald Y. Ito and A LOT MORE people. YOU KNOW IT IS.

But wait a minute. How about this blog here by Patterico (AKA Patrick Frey):

What a "STINKING DAMN HYPOCRITE' Patrick Frey is.

And check this out, Patterico goes to ALL this trouble posting just to get people's views about "BANNING" a Poster named "jmaharry."

Patterico’s Pontifications » A Not-So-Hypothetical Hypothetical ...
I am confused on one point. in maharryÂ’s post #9 on the link, reference is ...
Good call, Patterico. I agree with the posters who said that jmaharry adds ...
http://patterico.com/2006/05/24/4558/a-not-so-hypothetical-hypothetical-let-your-voice-be-heard-on-what-should-happen-to-this-commenter/ - Cached

Patterico’s Pontifications » jmaharry: Banned
I think Patterico probably knows the gender of this person. There seem to be a
bunch of Maharry folks, all seemingly talented and all possessing nice ...
http://patterico.com/2006/05/25/4604/jmaharry-banned/ - Cached

Now wait a minute. Please, read it for yourselves. Patrick Frey says that Maharry is making all kinds of allegations on Mr Frey's website, but yet Mr. Frey asks his posters if he should "BAN" jmaharry. Patrick Frey "BANNED" me on the spot for telling the truth about, You got it, Scumbag Chuck "The Duck" Philips and The OJ Simpson Case. Hmmmmmm?

And What about The Feds in The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment Case? Are they going to help the Innocent people get their Legal Justice who were so Illegally and Criminally Hurt by Anthony Pellicano and others? Or are the Feds going to just sit back and say, Tough luck for you Innocent people that Anthony Pellicano and others hurt.............................? We'll see.

You Know What?

"HYPOCRITE'S," They make me "SICK," and 'MORE.'

Mario G. Nitrini 111