Saturday, May 27, 2006

My Legal Documents...Part II

This is a picture of me 4 days after Sgt Gutierrez and J.H. Hart tried to kill me in the parking lot of Bourbon Square at approximately 1:00 AM the morning of October 4th, 1995

This again is the Criminal and Illegal Ringleader of the assassination attempt on my life.
The Illegal, Corrupt, LYING and Criminal Detective Ronald Y. Ito:

The Illegal and Criminal attack's on me have not stopped.
This is for The Federal Government and The State of California Government:
You both are Illegally and Criminally attacking me again (and that goes into several directions) because of what I have in
The OJ Simpson Case
The Anthony Pellicano Federal Indictment,
and other Cases. Are you ever going to stop being Ciminal and Illegal to me? Good Grief.
So OJ Simpson doesn't know Rocky Bateman's name? That's
what Simpson Testified to. OJ Simpson "KNOWS" Rocky Bateman "REAL WELL."
Now how about Dale St. John, the owner of Town and Country Limousine service:

How could Detective Ronald Y. Ito, after finding out that Rocky worked for St. John, not have arrested Dale St. John for LYING about Rocky not working for him? Something is wrong Big-Time.
Let's turn to Anthony Pellicano.
Was Anthony Pellicano at 875 South Bundy Drive the night of June 12th, 1994? at approximately 10:30 PM?
Pellicano was also a "CLEAN-UP-MAN" so to speak. Did Anthony Pellicano give
some of OJ Simpson's murder evidence to Rocky Bateman? so Bateman could
dispose of it?
and if he did, when and where? It has come to my attention that this is a VERY STRONG possibility.
Boy, there sure has been some "STRANGE," I guess I'll call them "TWIST'S" in The Anthony Federal Indictment Case. What about Paul Barresi? Hmmmmmmmm?

Mario G. Nitrini III