Thursday, May 18, 2006

My Legal Documents

First let me state that LAPD RHD Illegal and Corrupt Detective Ronald Y. Ito was the ringleader on the assassination (Murder-for-Hire) attempt on my life on October 4th, 1995.

On the first page of my OJ Simpson Case Legal Document's, The Los Angeles Police Department Complaint of Employee Misconduct, in the Location of Occurrence, I have where the savage beating that was purpotrated on me by Sgt. Guiterrez and J.H. Hart (Their Assassination Attempt on me) occurred. Apporximately at 15300 Victory Blvd, at a Place that was called Bourbon Square. It was actually carried out in Bourbon Square's parking lot. That's in Van Nuys, Califormia, in The San Fernando Valley.

On the 4th scan, LAPD's letter to me in response to my First Complaint, the Place of Occurence that they have, signed by Richard C. Wemmer, it is stated it's "an Incident that occurred in West Los Angeles Area." (NOT QUITE).

What's going on here? ANOTHER criminal and illegal cime committed by an LAPD cop.

Also, the date that I made this First Complaint on was 12-2-2000, and brought to LAPD'S Internal Affairs Department on 12-5-2000 along with My Second Compalint, which was signed (The Second Complaint) by Alice Appel. But yet in this First LAPD Letter to me, it says I made the Complaint on December 18th, 2000. WHERE in the World is the Date December 18th, 2000, shown on this first Complaint that I made? Well, it's NOT. This was another Illegal Lame FORGERY Attempt by a member of the LAPD because of My personal involvement in The OJ Simpson Case. One HUGE Reason for this Illegal Lame Forgery Attempt by LAPD, is that some of it goes to LAPD's Internal Affairs Person Lieutenant Jeri Weinstien.

In the first letter LAPD sent me, it says in the first paragraph, last sentence, "The complaint has been given appropriate attention and did not identify misconduct."

In the second letter that LAPD sent me, it says in the first Paragraph, second sentence, "The Department completed a thorough investigation into your concerns and interviewed all available witnesses.

Since I received both of these letters, and then compared them, I ALWAYS wondered what the Term "APPROPRIATE ATTENTION" meant in the first letter, yet in the second letter, LAPD says they Interviewed ALL? available witnesses.

I listed MANY witnesses in my first Complaint. How many were really interviewed?

I tried to find out what was going on with my complaint's with The Office of the Inspector General on June 1st, 2004. The Lady who was handling my Case at the time, Julie Jaramillo, said it would take 2 months to dig up my file. Well, it's been almost 2 years since I was in The Inspector General's Office, and I haven't heard a WORD from them.

So, it takes almost 2 YEARS to pull my file? I don't think so. WHAT A COVER-UP concerning me, Mario G. Nitrini 111 in The OJ Simpson Case.

Please read these posts from Anthony Pellicano Web Links Blog for more on the cover-up:

So did this Pulitzer Prize? winning Los Angeles Times writer Chuck Philips get his information in the Biggie Smalls/Tupac Murders with honest hard work or by Illegal, deceitful, deceptive and "LYING" ways? The later of course, Illegal, deceitful, deceptive, "LYING" ways.

Did Anthony Pellicano help Philips with the Biggie Smalls/Tupac Murders story too? Let's see, he seemed to have helped him with so many of his "scoops" since 1990 onward. That is something that should be investigated, by someone who is honest and credible.


There are not a lot of REAL TRUE LIFE HEROS in this world.


He is a TRUE LIFE HERO for standing up for what is right.
Mario G. Nitrini 111

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


for those who have illegally and criminally hurt me and have tried to destroy my life any way they could. In my next Blog, I will be posting some of my OJ Simpson Case Legal Documents, and, I will show everyone the Falsification (Lying reports sent to me) by certian members of The LAPD.

also, read this new post by Nomi Fredrick on her blog:

I will be asking Pertinent questions and commenting about it also.


Mario G. Nitrini 111

Sunday, May 14, 2006

To start with...

A person, Stealth, posted yesterday to me on "The Peking Duck" about a Criminal Investigation about Detective Ronald Y. Ito. It's right near the bottom:

The Peking Duck: Did OJ Simpson kill Nicole Brown Simpson?
I, Mario G. Nitrini am the most Hated and LEGALLY feared man in the OJ Simpson
case....Richard of the Peking Duck, I like your demeanor. ... - Cached

I have posted on My, My Space (View Profile, then go to Pics):
what I faxed over to Bill Pavelic with what Pavelic asked for regarding Detective Ronald Y. Ito, Rocky Bateman, and more.

I am trying to catch my breath. My heart is beating pretty fast right now.

If "ANYONE" has more information about a criminal investigation into Detective Ronald Y. Ito. Please let me know. PLEASE.

How covered-up "WAS" ROCKY BATEMAN in The OJ Simpson Case and Saga?

According to what Detective Ronald Y. Ito told me in our first telephone conversation, and I quote Ito: "we don't even have Rocky Bateman driving OJ Simpson." Well, THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE. Later in this first phone call, Ito tells me they (Meaning The LAPD) don't even have Rocky Bateman "WORKING" for the Limo Company (Dale St. John's Town and Country Limousine Service). GOOD GRIEF.

I can tell everyone this, When Rocky Bateman found out that Detective Ronald Y. Ito was looking for him around the end of November, 1994, or in early December, 1994, Rocky Split to Oklahoma with financial help from OJ Simpson avoiding Ito and The LAPD. THAT'S A FACT.

Now, Brian Murray has posted about this on CTV Message Boards The OJ Simpson Case thread:

This is a place I got into a discussion about The OJ Simpson Case, and did I get the confirmation I have been looking for for years, from OJ Simpson's side.

JustOneMinute: Archives
Mario G. Nitrini 111 on That Would Be "Sir" UGO To You... clarice on More Fun
With David Shuster · brenda taylor on More Fun With David Shuster ... - Cached

A poster named Sara (Squiggler) confirmed it for me with these words in one of her posts:
"Well, I don't recall the Ito name in association with a police officer or investigator. But then, it has been a long time, as I've said several times. Right now, I'm hearing it "as if for the first time." But I know that we scrutinized and examined everything to do with the limo and limo drivers and there were no red flags like you are raising all these many years later. Seems a bit fishy to me. And one of our jobs was to try to defeat the defense case and a lot of people were trying."
This was the time she posted it. Also, you can get to her website by clicking on Squiggler)
Now, how can this Possibly be regarding Rocky Bateman not being a Limo Driver for OJ Simpson. It's called C-O-V-E-R-U-P, Illegal cover-up by both sides in The OJ Simpson Case regarding Rocky Bateman. And Rocky Goes on CNN in Mid-June, 1995, and says on national TV that he was OJ Simpson's regular Limousine driver for over 3 years? How did the media miss that one? This is a "TOTAL" cover-up regarding Rocky Bataman and The OJ Simpson Case.

Anthony Pellicano, The LAPD, The LADA, and who Else?

Sweet Pea alerted me about this:

Tom Lange (OJ Simpson Case co-Lead Detective)
says that Anthony Pellicano "worked as an unofficial, unpaid consultant for The LAPD?" Does the insanity with this guy Anthony Pellicano ever end?

Read what Lange says about Pellicano. It's on Page 2.

And The LAPD says there's no actual record of Pellicano "Working as a technical expert for The LAPD? NO RECORDS? I'll bet, who's fooling who here? I smell a lot more cover-up with Anthony Pellicano and The LAPD. Does the name Sgt. Mark Arneson ring a bell for anyone?
What about Gil Garcetti and Anthony Pellicano. Pellicano was in The Los Angeles Distict Attorney's office. It's tape recorded.

You know everyone, the more I write about Anthony Pellicano, the "SICKER" I get to my stomach.

Anyway, here are some items I want to address:

  • Was Anthony Pellicano "Ever" involved in any situation with Detective Ronald Y. Ito?
  • Why did Ito Chased down leads and give them to Tom Lange and Philip Vannater in The OJ Simpson Case.
  • And why did Patterico (aka) Patrick Frey, an Assistant Los Angeles County District Attorney "BAN" me from his website for telling the truth about Los Angeles Times Pulitzer(?) prize winning writer Chuck Philips?
Patterico�s Pontifications � Hiltzik Suspension in the Media
Mr. Patterico. My name is Mario G. Nitrini 111. I was Personally involved in The
OJ Simpson case. I read Your Post of Febuary 24th, 2004 about The OJ... - Cached
Something is Seriously wrong here.

I would like to find out if Patrick Frey ever had any direct or in-direct contact with either Detective Ronald Y. Ito or Anthony Pellicano. Frey "banned" me from his website for NO REASON. More LADA and/or LAPD/and/or Anthony Pellicano cover-up regarding me?
Wouldn't it be great if a day would come when all the Innocent people that Anthony Pellicano hurt, or tried to hurt, got their legal justice pertaining to Pellicano? Maybe I can legally help some of them. Yea, I legally can help them.

Mario G. Nitrini 111