Friday, May 12, 2006

I ordered a Hat and T-shirt with this fab Anthony Pellicano graphic on both of them a few days ago at The Pelican Nest:

These are the two great items I chose and there's lots more tasteful stuff to choose from:

Yesterday, I received my Anthony Pellicano T-Shirt and Hat in the mail. WOO-HOO.
Don't I look like a real bad guy now? What are you going to be wearing to the trial anyway?

Another LAPD Cover Up?

Let's see if Los Angeles LAPD Chief William Bratton wil post this comment I just made on LAPD's New Blog which was unveiled today as LAPD's latest communication tool:

Well Chief William Bratton,

Why has Certain Law Enforcement people and agencies illegally covered-me-up due to my personal involvement in The OJ Simpson Case and Saga?

I have my own website now Cold Cases in Tinseltown.

Why did I not receive a response, any response, to this previous E-mail I sent to the LAPD-online?
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 19:49:08 -0800 (PST) From: "Mario Nitrini III" Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Subject: Re: The OJ Simpson Case and MARIO G. NITRINI 111----Detective Ronald Y. Ito To: Why were my OJ Simpson Case Legal Document's that I filed back in December of 2000 illeglly covered-up concerning, for instance, Detective Ronald Y. Ito? How about some honest answers concerning me for a change from The LAPD, and The Los Angeles District Attorney's office and The Country of Los Angeles?

Chief Bratton? Can you have the integrity "NOT" to ban me from your website like "Patterico" (aka) Los Angeles County Assistant District Attorney Patrick Frey did from his website for telling the truth?
Filed under: Dog Trainer, Hiltzik ? Patterico @ 12:55 pm ... My name is Mario G.
Nitrini 111. I was Personally involved in The OJ Simpson case. ...

Just so you know Chief, I am not hiding from anyone. Here's where I live
18325 Vanowen Street, Apartment 16, Reseda, California.

I am "NOT" hiding from anyone.

And how about Certain people in The Los Angeles County Employ, be it The Los Angeles District Attorney's office, or whoever, keeping their agreements with me that were made long ago?

I got "Things" documented Chief, BIG-TIME, but you already know that.

How many people that are, or were employed by The Country of Los Angeles illegally covered-up for Anthony Pellicano? Gil Garcetti? Did he? I have Gil Garcetti illegally LYING, and more, BIG-TIME. It's Documented on paperwork.

I can go on and on and on and on..........

Me and you Chief William Bratton can start with these issues.
And Chief, just so you know, I go copies of my Post to you.

Please don't cover-me up.

Mario G. Nitrini 111

My O.J. Story Continues

Towards the end of November, 1994, I went to this church and told some people there that I had some information that possibly could exonerate OJ Simpson of double murder, but in the process, his people kept chasing me away.

The people at the church called the cops on me. A police officer named Shelly Gayle (SP) came to the church in Sun Valley to interview me. This was the first time that I mentioned Rocky Bateman's name to anyone. I spoke with Gayle for about 45 minute's. Officer Gayle tape recorded our conversation.

Anyway, 5 weeks later, my wife at the time got a phone call from a Detective Ronald Y. Ito. Ito told her that they didn't even have Rocky Bateman driving OJ Simpson. When she told me this, I said WTH? Impossible. Ito told my wife at the time he wanted me to contact him.

Well, 3 hours later I contacted him and I tape recorded him. I have Detective Ronald Y. Ito on tape several other times in different conversations with him I had on different days.

Detective Ronald Y. Ito was a lead chaser for the prosecution in The OJ Simpson Case criminal trial. Detective Ito and others Criminally and Illegally Suppressed ALL of the information I gave to him (Ito), Them, from the defense in OJ Simpson's criminal trial. Ito covered-up parts of Rampart concerning the murders of Tupac and Biggie Smalls. Ito lied in The Robert Blake Cases, and, on a tape entered into evidence in the Blake Civil trial, Ito deliberately (deja vu) did not follow up on a lead given to him by Brian Allen Fiebelkorn that possibly could have lead to other killers and not Blake.

Sometime in the next few days I will be talking about Rocky Bateman and how he was so covered-up in The OJ Simpson Case and Saga.

And, compliment's of close friend, Brian Murray, here is OJ Simpson in his December, 2005 radio interview with Craig Silverman in Denver Colorado. It's near the bottom.

More Anthony Pellicano:

Thinking about it, How many people did Anthony Pellicano Illegally really help flee this country? Wasn't there talk of Pellicano helping an Israeli assasin flee to The Middle East a few years ago? I believe so. As I had asked in my first post, didn't Anthony Pellicano help Andrew Luster Illegally flee this country? The FBI sure thought so and were busy investigating a tip about exactly that in 2003. Could there have been other times and other people Pellicano illegally helped flee this country for whatever reason? Very Possible. And who in Law Enforcement knew this and illegally covered-it-up? For starters, maybe Gil Garcetti?

Now, let me turn once again to Elizabeth Luster and Anthony Pellicano, and people connections.
According to David Bresnahan, Bill Wasz did "Business" with Anthony Pellicano. Also in this article, Bill Wasz, according to Bresnahan, was an "enforcer" for Don Simpson:

More from Bresnahan about Bill Wasz's Death (Murder)

Larry Longo was, and maybe still is Elizabeth Luster's Attorney. Larry Longo/Suge Knight Connection? Yea that's Definitely there. Anthony Pellicano/Suge Knight connection? Yea. Bill Wasz/Suge Knight Connection? Yea. Andrew Luster/Bill Wasz Connection? That's Big-Time.
There's more, Lot's more People Connections with these people and more people with Anthony Pellicano. One of my True Loyal Friends did a "Diagram" for me the other day with some of these people connections. In my next Blog, I want to show that "Diagram." It's fascinating. To break it down, will something ring a bell with someone? I hope so.

For the latest news on Anthony Pellicano read:

Anthony Pellicano Web Links

Anthony Pellicano Web Links Blog

Mario G. Nitrini 111

Thursday, May 11, 2006

How It All Started

At a family wedding in Mid-November, 1993, my Ex-in-Law, Rocky Bateman and I, were in THE LIMOUSINE. Rocky told me that he had overheard Nicole Simpson and some of her Girl friends the month before, talking, while Rocky Was driving them to LAX in THE LIMO, having a Discussion (Plotting) about Stealing as much as OJ Simpson's money as they could. Rocky relayed the Info to OJ, and OJ asked Rocky if he Knew of Anyone who would/could follow Nicole and, according to Rocky, OJ Simpson said: "Find Out who these people were, and, Something had to be done about it." So, in THE LIMO in Mid-November, 1993, Rocky asks me to Follow Nicole. I Declined. Rocky Again asked me at the end of December, 1993, at a Place called Ico-Plex here in The San Fernando Valley, to follow Nicole. Again, I Declined. When I found out about The Murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, and that was on June 14th, 1994, I started my Own Investigation into Their Murders, on the Premise of OJ Simpson being Not Guilty. As of that day, June 14th, 1994, for me, WHAT A RIDE.

Being street smart helped me so much when I would go out and investigate. I could go into places that most every person in the world has never heard about.

I had tried so many times in a period of about 6 months, starting in July of 1994 in contacting members of OJ Simpson's Defense team, some of Simpson's acquintences, business partners, ect......................Every time, ultimately, they chased me away, and I wondered, WHY?

More about this later.

Now to Anthony Pellicano and his Federal Indictment.

How about This Item:

I have been listening to these audio tapes again that I have of Elizabeth Luster leaving Telephone messages.Here's something she said and I pondered it again:"I understand you had a long conversation with Larry, uh, regarding the book, and so forth, uh, today I guess it was. Um, I was talking with him, and it is so intersesting, I don't have an E-mail address for you or uh this Mario fellow to write back and forth"........................

Elizabeth Luster wanted my E-mail, and, as a very great new friend I have just made says to me, ask yourself "WHY"?

So,Why did Elizabeth Luster want my e-mail address? and as she put's it, "to write back and forth." and, for what reason or reasons?

The "Larry" She is talking about is Larry Longo.

You know I've been thinking. When Andrew Luster broke Bond during his Ventura County Rape trial, According to Bill Wasz, he was helped by, well here's the exchange between Bill and I on "The Peking Duck:"

"Here's a bit of news that is extremely confidential....Bill Pavelic, an attorney, and two "mercenaries" are under secret Federal Grand Jury hearings, potentially to be indicted.... very soon.Anyone care to know why???Bill WaszPosted by: Bill Wasz at October 21, 2004 10:38 AM

Hi Bill........Mario nitrini...........Are you trying to tease me into insanity, Of course I want to know as much as you probably can tell me..............You know that Pavelic was one the investigators for Mark Geragos in the Michael Jackson case and Bill I believe I posted it earlier in general my many conections in the Michael Jackson cases......Bill Pavelic, you are going to get absolutely NO help from me, Mario Nitrini. Bill you got to let us know NOW Bill Pavelic is definately A real snake. He tried to Sucker me NO WAY could he do me. Mario Nitrini Thanks Bill WASZ Posted by: mario nitrini at October 21, 2004 07:32 PM

Mario,Pavelic, an attorney and two "mercenaries" were the ones responsible for Andrew Luster fleeing the country. The "Max Factor" kid. They, the Feds, have wire transfer record, and many other intriguing items. Pavelic must face the wrath that I faced when I wronged society.I know all this because I'm very much involved in the "Max Factor" case. So much so that it troubles me at times.Don't fret, Pavelic will be eating that crap I ate for many years, real soon.Sic Semper Tyrannis.Bill WaszPosted by: Bill Wasz at October 21, 2004 09:39 PM"

2 "BIG" questions I have. There has been talk about Anthony Pellicano being involved in some way in the helping of Andrew Luster flee the country. Did Anthony Pellicano help in some way Andrew Luster flee the country during Luster's Ventura county trial? And, How and where did Andrew Luster's money come from while he was "on the Lamb"

Read more here:

The Peking Duck: Did OJ Simpson kill Nicole Brown Simpson?You came on The Peking Duck TRASHING Bill Wasz BECAUSE he is an EX=CON. ...The OJ Simpson Case Thread here on "The Peking Duck," IS a Source of Reference ... - Cached

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