Thursday, May 11, 2006

How It All Started

At a family wedding in Mid-November, 1993, my Ex-in-Law, Rocky Bateman and I, were in THE LIMOUSINE. Rocky told me that he had overheard Nicole Simpson and some of her Girl friends the month before, talking, while Rocky Was driving them to LAX in THE LIMO, having a Discussion (Plotting) about Stealing as much as OJ Simpson's money as they could. Rocky relayed the Info to OJ, and OJ asked Rocky if he Knew of Anyone who would/could follow Nicole and, according to Rocky, OJ Simpson said: "Find Out who these people were, and, Something had to be done about it." So, in THE LIMO in Mid-November, 1993, Rocky asks me to Follow Nicole. I Declined. Rocky Again asked me at the end of December, 1993, at a Place called Ico-Plex here in The San Fernando Valley, to follow Nicole. Again, I Declined. When I found out about The Murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, and that was on June 14th, 1994, I started my Own Investigation into Their Murders, on the Premise of OJ Simpson being Not Guilty. As of that day, June 14th, 1994, for me, WHAT A RIDE.

Being street smart helped me so much when I would go out and investigate. I could go into places that most every person in the world has never heard about.

I had tried so many times in a period of about 6 months, starting in July of 1994 in contacting members of OJ Simpson's Defense team, some of Simpson's acquintences, business partners, ect......................Every time, ultimately, they chased me away, and I wondered, WHY?

More about this later.

Now to Anthony Pellicano and his Federal Indictment.

How about This Item:

I have been listening to these audio tapes again that I have of Elizabeth Luster leaving Telephone messages.Here's something she said and I pondered it again:"I understand you had a long conversation with Larry, uh, regarding the book, and so forth, uh, today I guess it was. Um, I was talking with him, and it is so intersesting, I don't have an E-mail address for you or uh this Mario fellow to write back and forth"........................

Elizabeth Luster wanted my E-mail, and, as a very great new friend I have just made says to me, ask yourself "WHY"?

So,Why did Elizabeth Luster want my e-mail address? and as she put's it, "to write back and forth." and, for what reason or reasons?

The "Larry" She is talking about is Larry Longo.

You know I've been thinking. When Andrew Luster broke Bond during his Ventura County Rape trial, According to Bill Wasz, he was helped by, well here's the exchange between Bill and I on "The Peking Duck:"

"Here's a bit of news that is extremely confidential....Bill Pavelic, an attorney, and two "mercenaries" are under secret Federal Grand Jury hearings, potentially to be indicted.... very soon.Anyone care to know why???Bill WaszPosted by: Bill Wasz at October 21, 2004 10:38 AM

Hi Bill........Mario nitrini...........Are you trying to tease me into insanity, Of course I want to know as much as you probably can tell me..............You know that Pavelic was one the investigators for Mark Geragos in the Michael Jackson case and Bill I believe I posted it earlier in general my many conections in the Michael Jackson cases......Bill Pavelic, you are going to get absolutely NO help from me, Mario Nitrini. Bill you got to let us know NOW Bill Pavelic is definately A real snake. He tried to Sucker me NO WAY could he do me. Mario Nitrini Thanks Bill WASZ Posted by: mario nitrini at October 21, 2004 07:32 PM

Mario,Pavelic, an attorney and two "mercenaries" were the ones responsible for Andrew Luster fleeing the country. The "Max Factor" kid. They, the Feds, have wire transfer record, and many other intriguing items. Pavelic must face the wrath that I faced when I wronged society.I know all this because I'm very much involved in the "Max Factor" case. So much so that it troubles me at times.Don't fret, Pavelic will be eating that crap I ate for many years, real soon.Sic Semper Tyrannis.Bill WaszPosted by: Bill Wasz at October 21, 2004 09:39 PM"

2 "BIG" questions I have. There has been talk about Anthony Pellicano being involved in some way in the helping of Andrew Luster flee the country. Did Anthony Pellicano help in some way Andrew Luster flee the country during Luster's Ventura county trial? And, How and where did Andrew Luster's money come from while he was "on the Lamb"

Read more here:

The Peking Duck: Did OJ Simpson kill Nicole Brown Simpson?You came on The Peking Duck TRASHING Bill Wasz BECAUSE he is an EX=CON. ...The OJ Simpson Case Thread here on "The Peking Duck," IS a Source of Reference ... - Cached

Please go here for Anthony Pellicano News:

Anthony Pellicano Web Links A comprehensive database on incarcerated celebrity PI, Anthony Pellicano, theongoing FBI probe of his use of wiretap and likely Mafia connections.

Anthony Pellicano Web Links Blog An place to share honest information about the "Sin-Eater for the Stars."


Blogger Brian Murray said...


I am so glad you finally have a home of your own. I am also glad there will be a no nonsense site with information and no bulls**t.

As someone once said:

Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Brian the Minion

7:27 AM  
Blogger Mario Nitrigni III said...

Brian the Minion Dude.

I do know of two people who said

"Sic Semper Tyrannis'

Bill Wasz and John Wilkes Booth. anyone else, I have no idea.

One item that I will show with information that I have never brought out, is how much Rocky Bateman was really covered-up in The OJ Simpson Case and Saga.

I liked your post on CTV about Anthony Pellicano and OJ Simpson being 'Unsavory Characters." You're being "way too kind."

Mario G. Nitrini 111

8:37 AM  

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